Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yep, Grapolicious. The Gabby Girl's room is now that color (aka: purple). We've been in painting mode in our house & just finished our last project for the year - Gabby's room. We let her pick out her color, with a little coaxing from Daddy ( she wanted to go with a much darker shade of purple). She & Daddy worked on it this weekend. Here it is...

Like this, Daddy?

How am I doin'?

"Gabrielle - Blessed by God"

I used the Uppercase Living designs like I used in Vaeh's room, & our living room. They are soo easy & add so much character to a room! Gabby had a blast helping paint her room & couldn't wait to sleep in her "purple room!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

To the movies we go!

So, since Gabby has been such a wonderful little girl & a big helper, I took her & my cousin (she's 11!) to see this crazy new movie that came out on Friday. Maybe some of you've heard of it. It has a few singing numbers, a little sports but not too much, and a cute little love story. Can anyone guess?! (lol)

Yep, we jumped in on the HSM 3 bandwagon! We've watched the first two sooo many times, that I think Mommy was just as excited to see it as the girls! We went out for a bite to eat, & then headed to the theater! Gabby was sooo cute... when we got there they had some 'commercials' playing on the screen & Gabby said "see Mommy, its already started!" We did convince her that we didn't miss any of the movie!

I think both the girls had a great time, as I did with them! It so nice to be able to take your kids to a show that's not a cartoon & not worry about what they are going to see!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gabby the Ballerina!

Little Miss Priss!
Prima Ballerina!
As many 4 year olds do, Gabby just loves to play dress up. Well, another option was added to her wardrobe this past week. Our blogging & heart friend, Kathy, sent 2 beautiful leotards & tutus for the girls. Gabby has been dancing around in her's almost every day! So, thanks Kathy - we love the tutus!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playin' around!

Goofin' around on the swingset!
Look at me, Momma!
Shhhh! She fell asleep on the couch!
Sleeping beauty!
Gabby is getting soooo big that I really enjoy all the moments she has when she's just being 4. I want to capture every moment I can because they seem to be going by so much faster as each day passes!
PS - I didn't realize how bad my grass looks until I put the top two pictures up! Gotta love this dry Ohio weather this year!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gabby the baker!

What a big helper I have! Gabby was so excited to help me out this weekend getting ready for Vaeh's birthday party. She wanted to ice the cake, so with a stool & a butter knife (don't worry - I was right beside her the whole time!) she helped Momma out. What a great job she did, too! She is always wanting to help me out in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe I have a future Food Network Star on my hands! She's growing up waaay to fast (as they all do)!

Does this look okay, Momma?

What a great cake icer!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Playin' around

Oh, the joys of a pre-schooler! Gabby was outside yesterday playing on her swing set, & I just happened to look out the window to check on her at the right moment. She is so good at playing by herself... keeps herself (& me, for that matter) quite entertained! Here's a couple of pictures of what caught my eye... (sorry about the 'grainy look to the pictures... I took them from inside through the screen:0))

How cute is she?! She could stay out there for hours & play without a word of complaint from here. (Don't you just love the grass?) One of the other things that Gabby loves is helping Mommy with the flowers. Here' s Miss Gabby's contribution to the family flower garden...
The silly thing is sooo heavy that it can't stand up. Daddy is going to try to rig something up this weekend to keep it up off the ground. Here's a picture of Gabby next to her sunflowers before their blooms opened up. If you look close, there are 3 blooms.

I am so lucky that I have 2 such beautiful little girls in my life!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Babysitter, extraordinaire!

What a big helper I had today! This was the first day that Mylie stayed with us. I graduated from high school with her Mommy. Since we had already experienced things with a "special needs" baby, I offered to watch her when Sarah went back to work. Mylie was born nearly 3 months prematurely ,has a congenital heart defect & has Downs syndrome. She is doing well, although needs to be on oxygen.

What a great helper Gabby was with taking care of Mylie! She has been asking since Mylie came for a visit on Sunday if she could hold her, so she was able to do that today. She also asked to feed her, but since Mylie is on thickened formula & has trouble with swallowing, she was a little disapointed about that. But all in all, I think she had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of Pre-K!!

Getting ready for class!
Can we go in yet, Momma?

Finding my spot in my class!

Today was Miss Gabby's first day of Pre-K & it didn't come soon enough! From the moment she woke up this morning, all I heard was "is it time to go yet?" As you can see by the smile in the pictures she was quite excited about going! Today, preschool, tomorrow... I don't even want to think about it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello, I'm Gabby!

I've decided to keep a blog for Gabby! She is always asking me "is that my blog, Mommy?" She has been such a big helper for me & such a WONDERFUL big sister, that the least I can do is keep a blog for her, right?! So, this blog will be all about the adventures of my oldest daughter, Gabrielle Pauline.

Gabrielle Pauline, or 'Gabby' as she is known, entered the world on January 30, 2004. She is our oldest daughter, & big sister to Nevaeh Kaylene. And true to her name, she is a "Gabby Girl!" At 4 and a half years old, she is already shining! We're preparing for her 2nd year of preschool (pre-K) which starts tomorrow. Yes, she's VERY excited to start school!

Thanks for stopping by her blog & please leave her a note - she loves getting "mail!"