Monday, September 8, 2008

Playin' around

Oh, the joys of a pre-schooler! Gabby was outside yesterday playing on her swing set, & I just happened to look out the window to check on her at the right moment. She is so good at playing by herself... keeps herself (& me, for that matter) quite entertained! Here's a couple of pictures of what caught my eye... (sorry about the 'grainy look to the pictures... I took them from inside through the screen:0))

How cute is she?! She could stay out there for hours & play without a word of complaint from here. (Don't you just love the grass?) One of the other things that Gabby loves is helping Mommy with the flowers. Here' s Miss Gabby's contribution to the family flower garden...
The silly thing is sooo heavy that it can't stand up. Daddy is going to try to rig something up this weekend to keep it up off the ground. Here's a picture of Gabby next to her sunflowers before their blooms opened up. If you look close, there are 3 blooms.

I am so lucky that I have 2 such beautiful little girls in my life!


Christine said...

WHat a great flower Gabby! You are so cute!

Kathy said...


I love the hat...and sun flowers are my favorite!!!