Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello, I'm Gabby!

I've decided to keep a blog for Gabby! She is always asking me "is that my blog, Mommy?" She has been such a big helper for me & such a WONDERFUL big sister, that the least I can do is keep a blog for her, right?! So, this blog will be all about the adventures of my oldest daughter, Gabrielle Pauline.

Gabrielle Pauline, or 'Gabby' as she is known, entered the world on January 30, 2004. She is our oldest daughter, & big sister to Nevaeh Kaylene. And true to her name, she is a "Gabby Girl!" At 4 and a half years old, she is already shining! We're preparing for her 2nd year of preschool (pre-K) which starts tomorrow. Yes, she's VERY excited to start school!

Thanks for stopping by her blog & please leave her a note - she loves getting "mail!"

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Mami Adame said...

Yay for Gabby! Love your blog! You look sooooo cute on your first day of school...hope you had lots of fun!

I was thinking about doing this too, just not sure if I can keep up! Started a family one, have to get it going and running!