Monday, October 27, 2008

To the movies we go!

So, since Gabby has been such a wonderful little girl & a big helper, I took her & my cousin (she's 11!) to see this crazy new movie that came out on Friday. Maybe some of you've heard of it. It has a few singing numbers, a little sports but not too much, and a cute little love story. Can anyone guess?! (lol)

Yep, we jumped in on the HSM 3 bandwagon! We've watched the first two sooo many times, that I think Mommy was just as excited to see it as the girls! We went out for a bite to eat, & then headed to the theater! Gabby was sooo cute... when we got there they had some 'commercials' playing on the screen & Gabby said "see Mommy, its already started!" We did convince her that we didn't miss any of the movie!

I think both the girls had a great time, as I did with them! It so nice to be able to take your kids to a show that's not a cartoon & not worry about what they are going to see!

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