Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yep, Grapolicious. The Gabby Girl's room is now that color (aka: purple). We've been in painting mode in our house & just finished our last project for the year - Gabby's room. We let her pick out her color, with a little coaxing from Daddy ( she wanted to go with a much darker shade of purple). She & Daddy worked on it this weekend. Here it is...

Like this, Daddy?

How am I doin'?

"Gabrielle - Blessed by God"

I used the Uppercase Living designs like I used in Vaeh's room, & our living room. They are soo easy & add so much character to a room! Gabby had a blast helping paint her room & couldn't wait to sleep in her "purple room!"


Kindyland said...

Hi, Just linked to your blog somehow. My daughter's room is that same purple with pink on the top...very pretty!

Holly said...

What an awesome colour for a bedroom! I love her name on the wall, too. :)